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Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords

Working for Adelaide Real Estate Agents and Landlords

Adelaide Rental Inspections specialise in professional rental property inspections on behalf of Real Estate Agents and Property Managers throughout Adelaide.


We take care of the most time-consuming aspect of property management. Thus allowing you to have more time to focus on more productive and profitable development in your own business and rent roll.

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Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords


A routine inspection is more than just checking that the property is tidy and clean. While we do check the cleanliness and hygiene of the property, our highly trained inspectors focus particularly on any potential safety hazards and repair or maintenance issues.

At Adelaide Rental Inspections, we have an eye for detail and, we know the importance of a regular routine inspection. We understand that our reports are a communication tool between you and all parties, and is used to alleviate potential bond disputes.

Adelaide Rental Inspections for private Landlords



At Adelaide Rental Inspections, we understand the importance of a descriptive, comprehensive, and well documented pre-tenancy report. By utilising our independent rental inspection service, you can alleviate potential bond disputes, miscommunication, and the stress this involves.

Our highly trained and skilled staff will ensure that these reports are clear and concise so that all parties involved have a clear and agreeable understanding of the state of the property at the start and end of the tenancy. Our reports will provide sufficient evidence to support any case.

Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords



Evictions can be confronting for Private Landlords and Property Managers. At Adelaide Rental Inspections, we can attend these proceedings for you and alleviate stress out of this process.

We will attend on the day of the eviction with the court-appointed Bailiff and a locksmith of your choice. We ensure your locks are changed and, the tenant vacates the premises.


We will then attend the property for the following 2 days, and open the property between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, to allow the tenants to remove their belongings.

Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords



Adelaide Rental Inspections can assist in all your Strata/Community Inspections.

We will attend and inspect your common areas, providing a detailed and professional report, highlighting any arising maintenance issues and condition of areas.


We will also take water meter reads at this point, if required. (1 SA Water meter and separate community meters).

Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords



Travelling out to your investment property to carry out Water Meter Reads can be a time-consuming process.


Adelaide Rental Inspections can attend your strata/community complex and take interval water meter reads, saving you time and any inconvenience.


The Water Meter Reads will be taken as a photo and emailed to you.  This allows timely invoicing and best business practice.

Rental Inspections Adelaide for private Landlords and Real Estate Agents

Outsourcing your inspections to Adelaide Rental Inspections will:

  • Allow your Property Managers to free up valuable time, enabling them to expand their portfolio's and generate more income for your Agency.

  • Allow your Property Managers more time to attend to maintenance.

  • Allow your Property Managers more time to effectively communicate with your Landlords, Tenants and Trades.

  • Allow your Property Managers to improve their productivity, enabling more time on building and maintaining relationships with Owners and Tenants.

To find out more about how Adelaide Rental Inspections can help you free up your valuable time, please contact us today.

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