Adelaide Rental Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Landlords

"Let us Inspect for you"

Working for Real Estate Agents and Landlords

Are rental inspections taking up your teams valuable time and resources?


At Adelaide Rental Inspections, we specialise in providing rental inspection services throughout Adelaide.

Outsourcing to Adelaide Rental Inspections doesn’t mean that you lose touch. Instead, you will have time to focus on your portfolio and enhance your relationship with your owners and tenants.

Adelaide Rental Inspections is a local business established to provide the following services to Private Landlords and Real Estate Agencies:



Adelaide Rental


We aim to provide our customers with the highest quality routine rental inspections in Adelaide.


We will communicate with the tenant on your behalf and provide a thorough inspection report with our recommended course of action.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist to make your job easier.

Consistent Routine Rental Inspections in Adelaide

When utilising the services of Adelaide Rental Inspections, you can expect regular and consistent rental inspections.

Our routine rental inspections provide the landlord, or real estate agent, a comprehensive insight into the general condition of the property and highlight any maintenance issues that can sometimes be overlooked.

Upon completion of the routine rental inspection, we will provide you with professional company branded reports, which will include your business logo.

Adelaide Rental Inspections for landlords and Real Estate Agents

Avoid the hidden costs of doing your own inspections

Are you aware of the hidden costs that inspections place on Real Estate Businesses, Property Managers and Landlords?

Apart from the obvious costs, like wages, superannuation, car repayments, car fuel, servicing, car insurance and office expenses, there are hidden costs to your business.

Save valuable time and resources by outsourcing your routine rental inspections...

Adelaide Rental Inspections can alleviate potential bond disputes, miscommunications, and the stress of pre and post-tenancy inspections